Deer Dairy:: 11/30/16

It's hard to believe I've been freelancing at the same place for so long but I have been. And I wouldn't have stayed in the same place for such a long time if I hated it. I don't. 

Blast Radius (previously called Design Kitchen) is a small and scrappy shop-with some cool clients-under Wunderman/Y&R Brands. They've given me a lot of creative freedom and trust to make cool things. 

Like when they sent me to LA to photograph a red carpet event...

I got to create a bunch of videos. When asked to create a simple static post, I instead created full videos. Sure, they could be higher fidelity, but I did them with limited time and resources, so lay off.

I created illustrated and animated a bunch of characters because people like GIFs. 

And I've done a bunch of motion graphics too. It's been a fun and busy bit of time. 

Oh, I also recently co-created this video with CJ Cook.


Hope in Happiness is the first track off of Blane Fonda's upcoming EP Honest Cheater to be released this Winter. The song takes on common themes within Blane's music, such as dealing with the weight of the world in one's own mind and in reality.